FSA, HSA, HRA – Oh, My!

How AccrueHealth can help members get the most out of their healthcare dollars.

Members want high-quality, low-cost healthcare, but often lack the tools and resources needed to make these decisions. Employers want to balance the need to control healthcare costs with their goals of retaining and attracting talent.

AccrueHealth is National Alliance’s solution to support these evolving workplace demands. By choosing AccrueHealth, employers get an integrated team for medical, HRA, FSA and HSA benefits. AccrueHealth helps members plan, save and pay for their personal health needs, and offers an easy-to-navigate experience that helps them feel more confident to make better decisions about their healthcare.

Effortless administration

The AccrueHealth account team will work directly with the employer’s benefits staff to determine custom administration details, then build a unique implementation plan for each employer. Employers can send enrollment and deposit files directly to AccrueHealth for free without the need for a third-party administrator.

In addition to having a dedicated account manager, employers are supported by an experienced team of claims processors, member services staff, account coordinators and reporting analysts who are focused on quality and efficiency.

Flexible design

Employers have the freedom to customize options for each account type, such as grace period, rollover, contribution amounts and frequency. We can also coordinate deposits to AccrueHealth HRA and HSA accounts for employers who offer an incentive program through our rewards platform. Our superior tools allow access to all accounts in one flexible solution. That means card, bank and claims processing embedded in one platform.

Secure and convenient

We coordinate a worry-free transition of members’ balances from the prior personal savings account administrator. For HSA accounts, we can facilitate the member e-consent process and will work directly with the prior custodian to coordinate the bulk transfer of funds.

Our platform uses industry standard encryption to protect all data transmissions and no sensitive account information is ever stored on mobile devices.

Tax Advantaged Account Basics


Who owns the account?EmployerEmployerMemberEmployer

Who can contribute?BothBothBothEmployer Only

What are the eligible expenses?Money in an FSA can be used for qualified medical, dental and vision expenses as defined by the IRS (213d expenses)Designed to be paired with an HSA to maximize tax savings, funds can only be used for qualified dental, vision and post-deductible expensesMoney in an HSA can be used for qualified medical expenses as defined by the IRSEmployer determines what expenses are eligible

Does the balance carry over?A limited amount of money can be rolled over to the next year or a grace period may apply (but not both)Shares some attributes of an FSANo annual forfeiture - money deposited remains in the account until spent by the account holderEmployer determines when funds are available and if they are eligible to be rolled over to the next year

Is the account Portable?NoNoYesNo


With a strong focus on the consumer experience, this innovative platform streamlines all types of accounts with one website, one debit card, one customer service number and one app. Members can expect easier claim approvals and fewer denials.

  • Real-time handling of claims issues and integration with the medical plan member portal.
  • Flexibility to provide next generation reimbursement accounts and programs, such as financial coaching.
  • Benefits for employers including FICA tax savings for lower reported wages, enhanced benefits packages and improved employee satisfaction.

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