Creating a streamlined experience for members

Pulling point solutions into benefits strategies is commonplace for employers seeking to lower costs and address specific population trends and issues. Point solutions – specific services employers add to their benefits programs through third-party vendors – often address a gap in the healthcare system or offer a new, innovative service. But when employers use multiple vendors for point solutions, it can create a fragmented experience for members. That’s where the National Alliance team can help. Our PointConnected solution offers coordination and enhanced advocacy to ensure members make use of their available benefit options.

Point Solution Coordination

Like you, we want members to maximize the benefits available to them. We know members are most likely to call their health plan first, so we work with your point solution vendors to ensure a seamless experience. To prepare for any type of member inquiry, our dedicated customer service coordinators review point solution program overviews, FAQs and service guides to familiarize themselves with the options available to members. With this information in hand, coordinators can provide members with education on available benefits and promote utilization. Coordinators increase program engagement, providing additional information and warm transfers when necessary.

Going the extra mile for members creates a better member experience, streamlines internal and external vendors, and promotes appropriate program engagement.

Point Connected Coordination Features

  • Enhanced advocacy
  • Vendor solution training and coordination
  • Member education
  • Vendor and program promotion
  • Streamlined external and internal vendor solutions

Enhanced Advocacy

We’re here to meet your members’ unique needs. One PointConnected difference is having a dedicated customer service coordinator manage member requests for your account. To better understand each member’s needs, coordinators receive cultural competency training. They can also identify trends of member call-ins to inform member communication and education needs. Consider the coordinator as a white-glove experience for your higher-touch members. Coordinators are equipped to handle complex member issues and route members to the appropriate solution.

Our PointConnected team minimizes the need for the members to explain their situation repeatedly, significantly increasing member satisfaction.

  • Dedicated customer service
  • Cultural training
  • Identifies and manages trends
  • Escalated member issues

We put experience first, for your members and your business. 

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