Think of our team as an extension of yours. The unique expertise, experience, vision and support we have will be put to work for you each and every day.

Steve Parham


"The beacon"

Steve oversees National Alliance sales, marketing and account management teams, as well as operations. He has more than 40 years of experience, including lead roles at CIGNA, United HealthCare and Provident Life & Accident, driving national account and local group sales, product development and growth. There aren't many who know how to inspire success and achieve it. There aren't any like him.

Sarah Martin

Vice President, Partner Solutions

"The connector"

Sarah oversees sales and account management for ASO account services in partnership with other Blue plans. She has also led our corporate customer experience and large employer product marketing divisions where she strategized and implemented consumer engagements. When it comes to bringing complexity down to earth, no one compares.

Brett Looker

Vice President, Operations

"The fixer"

Brett oversees operations and is responsible for all claims, COB, external vendor integration and systems sourcing. He's overseen the successful on-boarding of three health plans with more than 2.5 million total members. He has led or been instrumental in many innovative National Alliance initiatives. When you have a real rum of a thing, chances are he'll find the fix.

Brandon Saxon

Vice President, Customer Service

"The crowd-pleaser"

Brandon has direct oversight of all customer service and group advocacy, where he has adapted his team to provide excellent experiences in the face of sustained and unprecedented account growth. He also led the creation and implementation of the Care Connected concierge unit to manage the holistic member journey. Everyone is his biggest fan because he makes everyone feel like one in a million.

Arch Martin

Executive Director, National Account Sales

"The gamechanger"

Arch leads our sales team, continuously sets the standard of rethinking what's possible, and delivers success. His experience includes managing sales and account management teams for multiple carriers, and spans across markets including South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana and Tennessee. When you don't just want out-of-the-box thinking but need to rethink the box — this is your guy.

Caroline Jones

Sales Executive, National Account Sales

"The solver"

Caroline excels across the sales and service relationships she builds with partner plans and groups, because she understands the challenges they're designing for, as well as the needs of the employers and employees they serve — and how to solve for them. The solutions to the challenges you face aren't always right in front of you — unless you're talking to her.

John Hall

Director, Partner Solution Sales

"The door opener"

John Hall has been Director of Sales at National Alliance for more than a decade. He focuses on sales growth with nine of our current Blue Plans, as well as developing new partner plan relationships around the country. Whether you want to open your options or expand your potential — he's your go-to.

Divya Reddy

Executive Director, Clinical Programs

"The standard-bearer"

Divya leads a large team of care managers who serve members along the continuum of clinical needs. She drives care management evolution, having created multiple National Alliance programs to better serve groups and members. She’s also held hospital executive positions focused on quality, patient safety and case management. The only thing that rivals how good she is at the work she does, is the good she does outside of it.

Karen Walker Brown

Assistant Vice President, Claims

"The ace"

Karen serves a critical role in National Alliance with responsibility for claims processing including coordination of benefits, appeals, medical records, batch integration as well as document control, audit and testing. If you have a problem, she’ll solve it using her 30+ years of experience.

Brie Ruff

Director, AccrueHealth Operations

"The saver"

Brie Ruff directs AccrueHealth operations for all health spending accounts. AccrueHealth offers an integrated CDHP solution to ensure members have a seamless digital experience. Helping members get the best value for their healthcare dollars is Brie's jam.

Steve Price

Director, Account Management

"The motivator"

Steve directly oversees account management and support staff, as well as implementation of new sales and organic growth through successful renewals and account satisfaction. He brings more than 25 years of experience in customer service, product development, implementation and marketing. Confident. Confidant. In support of coworkers and clients alike, he is both.

Karen Patton

Director, Account Management

"The example"

Karen leads a seasoned account management team who support our Blue plan partners. Her areas of expertise and focus include service delivery comprising both new group implementation and existing account retention, as well as project management, product development and marketing. She knows full well what it takes and means to win.